Hardware & Software

PCs - Laptops - Servers - Perifierals

Keeping your business up to date

Hardware and Software

You can trust us to make every desicion based on your business and your budget

Desktops and Laptops

We supply any PC or Laptop. We don’t hold stock, we quote and supply on demand, that way we can provide you with the exactly what you need.


We build and supply Microsoft servers;
File servers, Exchange servers, Back up servers
We also can provide cloud servers
We provide what you need for your business to grow into,
we wont oversell you


We can provide and support desktop software, e.g.
Windows 11, Office 365, Abode Creative Cloud, 

Server and security software, e.g
MDeamon, Security Gateway, Exchange, Malwarebytes, 

Upgrading your original equipment

It might be possible to upgrade the PCs or Servers you already have.
Maybe you need a bigger hard drive or more memory.
Maybe you need a newer software version. We can help with this


We can provide whatever else your office needs. e.g
Printers, Scanners, Monitors,
Routers, Switches, Projectors  

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