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Keeping your business as effient as possible

Supporting your IT network

Our support services are designed to be as simple for your business as possible

We have an hourly rate for all the work we do, whether its;

We have three price tiers;

  • Technical support, 
  • Installation of a network 
  • Network management 
  • Onsite 
  • Remote and offsite 
  • Telephone 


If you are experiencing technical problems you can contact us to deal with your IT systems for example, a desktop, a server or a slow network

You can choose what we work on,  we are happy to work with your current suppliers or services providers.

We don’t talk technical jargon.


As your business grows you may need additional PCs on your network, or maybe an upgrade to your current network infrastructure.

There are several types of networks to choose from; traditional wired networks, Wifi, Mesh or Powerline. You may need  a mixture of more that one type to get the most out of your network.

We will assess your current situation and provide you with the best outcome to suit your budget and requirements.

Network Management

If you require a more hands on approach to your IT system then we can fully manage your network. This again goes as far as you would like us to, we will still work with any services providers or suppliers you have but it is much easier when most services run through ourselves

As part of managing your network we will take care of updates, create a database of your current hardware and software, make recommendations of upgrades in accordance with your annual IT budget as well as taking part  in any IT meetings as necessary.

What suits your business best?

In Contract

We charge an annual fee of £300 + VAT.

Here you will benefit from  a reduced hourly rate

This is deal if you have a large network and you expect to use us regularly

Out of Contract

You can contact us whenever you like, there is no fixed term

This is ideal if you have a smaller network and expect to contact us only when you need us

In both cases

In both  circumstances, we invoice monthly in arrears and provide you with a service report, describing what work we did and what hours taken







In contract

£60 per hour

£45 per hour

£45 per hour

£5 per 10 mins

Out of contract

£75 per hour

£55 per hour

£55 per hour

£5 per 10 mins

All prices exclude VAT at the prevailing rate


This covers any work done on your business premises. We charge a minimum of two hours and then in increments of 15 mins


We carry out work in our premises, this could be repairing a PC or conducting research on you behalf as well and answering email enquiries


Wherever possible we work by connecting to your network remotely from our premises. This keeps the cost down for you and allows us to work around your busy schedule.


Sometimes it is necessary to provide technical support over the phone

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